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Why do our Results stand out from the rest?

1) The massive amount of time we put into researching the hundreds of markets & lines available.

2) Analyzing historical and current horse, player and team data.

3) Keeping track of player injuries and inside news. All the off field factors that can effect a game or race result or the players or horses effort on the day.

4) MASSIVE middling bets that provide HUGE profits.

5) Scouring the markets for Arbitrage bets. These are bets that can't lose and will guarantee profit no matter the outcome.

6) Exclusive inside information. Especially for the horses, it's not what you know, it's who you know.  
Frequently Asked Questions

I’m In! When Will I Get Access?
Great! You’ll get access to everything immediately. You'll get an email straight after purchase with all the details on how to access.
Tell Me Again: How Do I Get Access?
1. Email: You'll get daily emails for all sports, horse racing and soon the entire AFL & NRL 2017 Season .

2. Online Members Only Portal (coming soon)

3. Mobile notification:  You'll get a notification sent to your phone whenever an email is sent.

4. Private Members Only Group: The power of the community and a great place for banter. You'll be able to join a thriving and active group of people just like you, helping each other find the best bets and avoid the worst. No single tipster could ever find what thousands of eyes can.
Tell Me More about what I can expect?
Once you have purchased your VIP Membership, you'll be automatically added to our Members Only email list and sent information on how you can join the Private Group, register your mobile number to recieve SMS ALERTS and a link to join our Slack Group so you can get mobile notifications.
Here’s how it works…

We aim to send tips by 10pm and / or 9am every day. Giving a minimum of approximately 2 hours before any game, match or race starts.

You will have direct access to our support team that will help you with any questions and guidence on the systems and how to take advantage of them to put more $$ in your pockets.
How easy is it to cancel my membership?
Super easy. You can cancel at anytime by simply emailing us, by replying to the emails we send you daily, message us on Facebook or if you pay by PayPal you can cancel it yourself inside your PayPal account.
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